Staceman's Placeinky!

Here's the history of where this site has been located over the years:, or - Both pointed to the same place, and was the original location of Mezmaron's World, from June 1996 to January 1997. Doing a Google search on "Mezmaron" still yields other sites linking to this, even though it no longer exists. My e-mail address back then was "". - This is where the site was at the longest, from January 1997 to about November 2001, I estimate. Even after starting my new job at Pennswoods, I kept my account up, for a little while. There's still a few sites out there linking to the old address. - November 2001 - June 2002. - June 2002 - present. I had actually bought the domain name in March 2002, but had it pointing to my own server at home, which was originally intended to be a totally different site, but I eventually changed my mind, and made this the home to Mezmaron's World.

December 2003 - Changed the name back to "Staceman's Place" again. I also gave most of the main part of the site a complete makeover, the first major design change since I first started the site!

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