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Hello, and welcome to my personal website.
This is the index page to my site, below you will find links to the other sections.

Blog - Where I *sometimes* post my thoughts.

Forgotten Places - Little virtual tours of abandoned stuff around Bedford County. I really need to get back to doing that sorta thing, it's been a while.

Ford Maverick - Probably the most visited part of my whole site, surprisingly. Information and pictures of the model of car I was rather fond of. Not quite as relevant as it use to be. Hell, I even sold the Maverick I had.

Genealogy - A small collection of links for struggling researchers. I use to be into researching my family tree, and have obtained a wealth of information, but have since put it down for a while.

Cool Places - Just a collection of links.

Tracy's Page - My son Tracy's web page. He really needs to update it.

Devin's Page - My son Devin's web page. Like his older brother, he really needs to update it!

History of this site - Just as it says.

Commodore 64 - Just some links to Commodore64-related stuff. I used one of those things for quite a few years before breaking into the modern-day-PC world in early '96.

Black Sabbath - Nothing more than a "me too!" page, stating my fondness for the band. Not much there but links.

Classic Video Games - A page I made when I was heavily involved in collecting old video game systems. It sat badly out of date for years, but I've recently worked on it some more, and it's a little more accurate now. I even got rid of the tacky background!

Packard Bell Sucks! - A part of the site I did back in '96 or so, detailing my struggle with a Packard Bell computer I had at the time. This was one of the two most visited and commented-on parts of my site when it was still relevant, i.e., before Packard Bell ceased operations in North America. Along with the other sites like it, I believe an impact was made. A bit dated, but left up for historical purposes.

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